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 2009 Bible Collection Campaign - Operation Spreading the Gospel in Kenya, Africa
Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, 
Pastor James Williams recently received an e-mail from Pastor Lucas and              Jane Obanda of New Hope Fellowship Church in Mumias, Kenya.  Pastor Obanda                        said that he “happened to read our website” and was blessed by Pastor Williams’                   mission.  
Pastor Obanda made a most humbling and honorable request. He said,                      “Please, if you have some Bibles and literature that can bless one to grow                     spiritually, bless us with them.”  Pastor Obanda wants the Bibles and                         literature for the spreading of the Gospel in the villages and markets in Kenya.                    The impetus of his request is the “Great Commission” as found in the                           Book of Matthew 28:19 that commands us to “go and teach all nations…”
 The Lord has laid it upon our hearts to start a Bible Collection Campaign to answer the call for the donation of Bibles. We may not ever go to Africa (for one reason or another), but we can still witness to the people in Africa by making a donation to help purchase one or two Bibles in this campaign.  Due to the astronomical cost of shipping the Bibles from the U.S., the Bibles will be purchased from the Bible Society of Kenya.    
 We donated Bibles to Bishop Armstrong Cheggeh of the Fountain of Life Ministry for distribution during his mission / conference trip in Nairobi, Kenya during the 1st week of August 2009.  Our very own Minister Charles accompanied Bishop Armstrong along with nine other Americans.  Minister Charles preached during this conference.  Bishop Armstrong has preached at St. James twice this year, and he told us that many of the people in his country are poor and can’t afford to purchase a Bible.  
 For more information about these ministries, please visit their respective website: 
Bishop Armstrong Cheggeh - Website:  www.betterlifeministries.com
Pastor Lucas Obanda - Website: http://newhopefellowshipchurch.weebly.com/
 This is a wonderful and glorious opportunity for each of us to sow into good, fertile ground to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Word of God is the best gift man can ask for and receive.  The people of Kenya are hungering and thirsting for the Word of God.  Respond to the call to witness unto the uttermost part of the earth! {Acts 1:8}       
If you would like to make a donation or to obtain information about sponsoring a Bible Campaign in your church or organization, please contact Cynthia Marquez, Project Coordinator at 504-837-8827.  Thank you in advance for planting a seed in the spreading of the Gospel in Africa.



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